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Silenced to Empowerment

Last week AK Studio teamed up with an amazingly talented group of artists to visually document a concept that came to us from an ¬†HBO documentary called “Valentine Road”.

VALENTINE ROAD explores the murder of a teenager Larry King who had begun exploring his gender identity, revealing the circumstances that led to the shocking crime, as well as its complicated aftermath. The film talked about the National Day of Silence and began to show these young teens with duct tape over their mouths. The image was so powerful that I went into the studio the next day and said “we have to do something with that image.”

The more we talked about the idea the more we realized silence is imposed on many people all over the world. Whether it is because of your political beliefs, sexual identity, your gender, the color of your skin and so many other reasons many people can relate to being silenced. So we began coming up with different ways to “silence” our models that would have a visual impact and be relative to everyone that has been silenced from their truth. We also wanted to show the transformation of being empowered and allowed to speak and feel your truth. This video is our collaboration with Christi Bode-photographer, Daniel Erickson-videographer, Models- Lonnie Hanzon, Jennifer Clark, and Portia Davis.