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Light And Darkness

AK Studio did another photo shoot! We had an amazing team as usual photographer- Talia Kite of Blissful Impressions,  videographer-Daniel Erickson, Dever aerialists- Claire Beer and Meesh Aerial.

The idea of using aerialists came when Angie was on location for another photo shoot at  Mid Mod Mall a local furniture store in the Rhino district. The visual of  beautiful aerialists hanging from these industrial structures behind the store called out to Angie. She and Talia talked it over and decided it needed to become reality. Once we knew that we would have 2 models the concept became light and darkness and how even though they are opposite, they are of each other. AK Studio created the concept with wigs and texture as well as the costumes, makeup and overall concept for the shoot. The red scarf became the visual symbol bonding the lightness and darkness together.

Here is the video from the shoot. Enjoy the sneak peek, more images to follow.