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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

How many times have you gone to a stylist asking for a certain look and left with something very different than what you expected??

Most of the time this is due to a misunderstanding between the client and stylist. A large part of miscommunication comes from an ineffective consultation. As stylists it is our goal to be the interpreter of our guests ideas. This is not always easy because sometimes the guest has terminology that we use in our profession (often picked up from misleading fashion magazines), however it may not mean the same thing to the client as it does to the stylist. At AK Studio we work very hard to make sure that we understand what our guests are looking for. One of the ways we encourage our guests to aid in the process is, pictures. Many times a client will ask for something such as “lots of  texture” when they may really want “soft movement.” These may not seem like big differences but through the use of pictures we can show them the contrast.

Texture         soft wispy

Lots of Texture                                                Soft Movement

We often suggest clients bring in pictures to give us a starting point. It is important to remember that a picture is inspiration for the desired style. Stylists are artists and it is our passion to create a personalized haircut for our guest. A great stylist will consider your face shape, lifestyle, and styling habits before creating your one of a kind style.

So the next time you are considering a style change whether big or small, remember a picture can help you communicate your ideas to your stylist.

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