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A New Year A New Look??

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It is a new year and often clients come into AK Studio ready to cut off their tresses or change their color and start the year anew. At AK Studio we love helping our guests to find the right change and aiding them in feeling amazing with a new look. Here are a few tips we suggest when contemplating a new look.

  • Begin by searching for pictures that you are attracted to. (pictures are a great way to communicate your ideas to a stylist)
  • Keep in mind that a picture is a point of inspiration. Any great stylist will personalize a haircut to make it yours and not just copy a picture.
  • Ask yourself what it is that you are attracted to in the picture. Is it really the hair or could it be the person’s clothing or face?
  • We always suggest covering the face of the model to get a good sense of the hair without the distraction of a models looks. Sometimes this completely changes perspective.
  • If you are not sure yet about a change, AK Studio suggests making a consultation appointment with your stylist to talk about creating your new look.
  • Last, but not least, be open to your stylist’s suggestions.

At AK Studio we believe that hair is an accessory so you should have fun with it. Call today to reserve time for your New Year Inspiration 303.996.8070